What Is Cheese Curd?

Cheese CurdCheese curd is fresh young cheese before it has been pressed and aged. Quality cheese curd is not readily found because “fresh” makes it supreme. It takes fresh ingredients and getting to the customer quickly to place it on the “top shelf”. The color is a yellowish white which is the natural color from the milk. The texture of a fresh cheese curd is slightly rubbery, and you will always know an exceptionally fresh curd when it squeaks when you eat it. It squeaks because of the high moisture content and the air trapped inside of the porous cheese. As hours and days pass, the cheese is ever changing and naturally “cheddars” as the whey and air is expelled. As a result, the squeak disappears and the cheese takes on a more “cheddared” flavor. For usually up to a week, may be two weeks, the “squeak” can be revealed again if the curd is quickly warmed for a few seconds in a microwave oven. Now there is a secret, you may want to share!